Breakfast & Lunch Menu Details

Our menus meet the USDA School Meal Regulations under the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act 2010. More information the regulations can be found at USDA Food and Nutrition Service Website.

All 42 participating elementary buildings offer the same items in their cafeterias with the Rock on Cafe program. Each month, menus are carefully planned and reviewed by the district Food Service Director's and the Rock on Cafe's nutrition expert, Julie Raway.

Our General Nutrition Analysis is a great resource for information on our menu items.

The menu is subject to change, based on availability of products. 

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Breakfast & Lunch Menu Details
February Menu & Nutrition Analysis 2018
January Menu & Nutrition Analysis 2018
December Menu & Nutrition Analysis 2017
November Menu & Nutrition Analysis 2017
October Menu & Nutrition Analysis 2017
September Menu & Nutrition Analysis 2017
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